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The largest selling vehicle globally, the Toyota Corolla, has a considerable number of models in Pakistan with various options to cater to a broad range of budgets. The Corolla is generally recognized for Toyota's triumph as the number one auto producer and ever since its premier in 1966, the Corolla has sold in substantially more numbers than any other vehicle, with around about thirty five million units sold a few years ago. The Corolla has maintained considerable ardor for several decades and in spite of its run-of-the-mill appearance compared to heaps of other automobiles by different producers, car buyers who purchase a Corolla almost never switch over to any other vehicle.Some of the most important reasons for its achievement include superb fuel efficiency, dependability and a significant resale price. The 2009 Corolla has been altered extensively in appearance and with a huge amount of rear leg area and a somewhat wider trunk than prior models, the Toyota Corolla is a genuine family vehicle that can undoubtedly contain bags for many individuals. There are four main models including the Corolla GLi, Altis, XLi and 2.0D, the latter being a diesel version of the automobile.Prospective buyers can get the Corolla Altis in a manual shift or automatic transmission while the XLi and GLi are solely obtainable in five-speed manual shift transmission. The irresistible options of a sunroof, shiny wood finish interior and telescopic steering are obtainable in either the manual shift or automatic variations of the Altis unlike the XLi and GLi. The Corolla GLi like the Altis does however, contain back seat armrests with mug holders and power windows.There are many differences in engine output and safety between the Altis and the XLi and GLi. The Altis has an EFI engine with VVTI and capability of roughly 1800cc, whereas the GLi and XLi are found with a 1299cc engine utilizing related concept. The Altis moreover has seat belts using Pretensioner and Force Limiter on the passenger side as well and a more complex fuel cut mechanism. For prospective customers expressly concerned with the automobile exterior the Altis has a high mount stop-light and side protection molding which is sold in the body color. The XLi is not sold with ABS or Electronic Brake Force Distribution a substantially worthwhile quality acquirable in the other range.The Corolla 2.0D is accessible in three types with the Saloon being reasonably comparable to the GLi and the sunroof model comparable to the Altis. The 2.0D has the clear benefit of a diesel engine, but with compressed gas conversions so conveniently accessible, it is no more a chief aspect in finalizing which automobile to purchase.In terms of the range of models, the Toyota Corolla has a much broader line-up than the Honda Civic, which is restricted to two to three models with minute variations. The Xli however is more directly linked with the Honda City with the Altis being on the whole comparable to the Civic. Toyota has been smart to make available so many types as it empowers potential buyers to decide on a model that matches their requirements completely.